september 2013
I can't even really tell you why, but september is always my month of nostalgia.
This year, too, I find myself looking back: onto last year when I began the release of my postcard series, two years ago when I moved int this house.. finally, five years ago when the end of august and beginning of september was marked by the release of my first album, hydrophobia.

Five years, can you believe it! What a time! All that happened since then..!
I'll spare you the sentimental details, however decided to celebrate that little birthday as well as the cassette store day on september 7th with a little special release. for a few days there has been some crafting going on in eftb headquarters: things have been cut and printed, folded and glued.. and what came out is a small edition of 27 little cassette tapes with that old album, a few bonus tracks and handcrafted artwork made with coffee and love.

and yes, of course, you can order it! this is what you can have:

one of 27 numbered cassette tapes: 12,-*
60 minutes, that is the album plus some exclusive material,
with handmade artwork and lyrics booklet

additional signed linoleum print: 3,-/piece*
handprinted postcard with one of the motives below

additional signed surprise ink drawing: 10,-*
drawn instead of printed postcard with whatever randomly comes to my mind

to order, please send me an e-mail letting me know what it is you'd like to have and where I'm supposed to send it.

*prices are in euros. BUT: if you prefer to pay in other currencies such as coffee or guitar strings, I am open for offers. seriously. i'll buy stuff like coffee and guitar strings from that money anyways. or you have your own tape to offer? so what do you wanna trade? let's negotiate! discounts for starving students or artists are negotiable, too. shipping is not included and will be 1,10 euros within germany and 3,70 euros to other places of the world.
the making-of