SUN EP. There is more to bemoaning an absence than whining and wallowing in self-pity. There's the delicacy of soft remorse, the sharp edge and fierceness of resentment, the liberation of admitting defeat. In eight songs that loosely meander around the absence of rain, Entertainment for the Braindead explores the full spectrum. Orchestrated with intricate finger-picked guitar, shimmering synths and the warmth of layered voices and woodwinds, she walks on the edge between the wistful and the sanguine.

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Upcoming live shows 2019:

Mar 19: Oestrich Winkel, Buchhandlung Idstein
May 23-29: Livelooping Festival Bretagne


Entertainment for the Braindead is the solo project of Berlin based singer and multi-instrumentalist Julia Kotowski. Despite the brutal name, she dedicates herself to creating mostly very quiet sounds, weaving the noises of small instruments, field recordings and delicate vocal arrangements into introvert folk songs. On stage she weaves soft synths into layered guitar loops and velveteen choirs of her own voice, and knows the magic spells to make a noisy room go quiet. TOP